11 Feb 2012

Security compounds targeted in Syria's second city

5:52 pm on 11 February 2012

Rebels and government forces are blaming each other for two bombings of Syria's second city of Aleppo that killed 28 people and injured at least 235.

The Syrian government said the bombings on Friday targeted a military intelligence complex and a security base.

State television said the death toll included civilians and members of the security forces and blamed "armed terrorist gangs" for the attacks, implying they were the work of the opposition, the BBC reports.

The rebel Free Syrian Army said it was operating in the area at the time, but was not responsible for the blasts.

Activists groups said suspicious activity by security personnel had been noticed shortly before the explosions and blamed the regime.

The explosions are the first in Aleppo since the uprising against President Bashar al Assad began in March last year.

Within minutes of the blast, state television screened explicit and gruesome footage of one of the explosions near a military security headquarters, showing corpses and mangled body parts.

In a separate incident, a bomb went off about 100 metres away from a security force's building with civilians apparently the main victims.

Attacks continue in Homs

Meanwhile, government tanks and artillery have continued to bombard parts of the city of Homs where hundreds of rebel fighters are believed to be entrenched.

Opposition activists say children were among those killed in the latest attacks.

After a week under siege and shellfire, conditions in Homs are reported to be desperate.