1 Feb 2012

Romney wins in Florida primary

9:26 pm on 1 February 2012

Mitt Romney has won a clear victory in the latest contest to choose the Republican Party candidate for the US presidential election in November.

Mr Romney gained 47% of the vote in the Florida primary, comfortably ahead of his main rival, Newt Gingrich on 32%.

Speaking to supporters after his victory, Mr Romney promised to offer a "winning ticket for America" in the coming elections.

"A competitive primary does not divide us, it unites us and we will win."

Mr Gingrich remained defiant, gtelling his supporters he would remain in the race until the very end.

"It is now clear that this will be a two-person race between the conservative leader Newt Gingrich and the Massachusetts moderate."

The BBC says Florida's primary is the biggest of the 2012 election season so far and has seen a bitter TV ad battle between the two front-runners as they seek endorsement ot take on President Obama.