27 Jan 2012

UN drug delivery investigated

9:48 pm on 27 January 2012

Authorities in the United States are investigating how two sacks containing 16 kilograms of cocaine arrived at the United Nations headquarters in New York.

The drug was contained in two pouches bearing the UN logo which arrived at the UN mailroom last week.

It got no further because security staff were immediately suspicious.

Inside the pouches were 14 hollowed-out text books, each holding 1.2 kgs of cocaine wrapped in plastic.

New York police say it appears the drugs were sent to the UN by accident.

They say they were shipped from Mexico to a US delivery company in Ohio.

Because they did not have any address or sender details, the company saw the UN logo and sent them on there.

However, police say the bags were a "bad fake" and they believe the drugs were never meant to have left Mexico but were lost by drug traffickers.

The ABC says the drugs have an estimated street value of $US2 million.