16 Jan 2012

Daughter blows up tower after dad dies

6:43 am on 16 January 2012

A woman whose father died in a British factory accident has blown up the building.

Sarah Griffiths, 41, pushed the button which triggered a series of explosions to demolish the Campbell's Soup Tower in King's Lynn on Sunday morning.

Her father Mick Locke died from severe scalding from a blast of steam while working in the factory there in 1995.

Ms Griffiths won the privilege in a competition in a newspaper.

"The tower is a constant reminder that I have been robbed of my dad,'' she said.

"I'm a bit choked up about it because it's a big thing for me to do and I feel very pleased to be given the chance of closure."

Ms Griffiths won the privilege in a competition in a local newspaper.

"I feel honoured that I have been chosen against so many other people - I hope they understand my need to do this," she said.

The tower was a part of the town's skyline for 52 years. The series of controlled explosions brought it to the ground in a matter of seconds. Hundreds of people watched the event.