8 Jan 2012

Sterilisation compensation mooted in North Carolina

9:26 am on 8 January 2012

Claims for compensation for enforced sterilisation by the state, are mooted in North Carolina, USA.

There was a large eugenics movement in America before and after World War I and II.

CNN reports that at its height, forced sterilisations were carried out in 33 states.

Sterilisations were performed from 1907 onwards, and well into the 1970s in some states.

The procedure was upheld by a Supreme Court jurist and many other leading figures of the day.

CNN reports 60,000 Americans who were deemed unfit to reproduce, were operated on against their will or even without their knowledge.

Now those remaining want compensation and an apology.

North Carolina promised a decade ago to compensate victims.

Some 7600 sterilisations were performed there and about 2000 are estimated to be still alive. Now the state has appointed a task force director to follow-up their cases.

It is the only state to do so.