6 Feb 2011

Protestors killed by police

3:09 pm on 6 February 2011

Police in Tunisia have shot dead at least two people during a protest in the north-western town of Kef. Another 17 people were injured.

Officers opened fire on Saturday after a crowd attacked a police station, setting it on fire.

Unconfirmed reports say another two people died on the way to hospital.

They were demanding the resignation of the police chief, whom they accused of abusing his power.

Witnesses told state media the situation deteriorated after the police chief slapped a woman in the crowd.

Earlier on Saturday, two members of the security forces were arrested in Sidi Bouzid, in connection with the death of two detainees earlier in the week.

The town was the origin of the unrest which ousted President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali.

The country has been relatively calm since Mr Ali went into exile on 14 January.

A unity government has been sworn in and Prime Minister Mohammed Ghannouchi has promised elections within six months.

A curfew remains in place, but it has now been shortened to between midnight and 4am.