20 Jan 2011

US healthcare repeal bill to be voted upon

10:02 am on 20 January 2011

Republicans in the US House of Representatives are poised to pass a vote repealing President Barack Obama's overhaul of healthcare.

The BBC reports it is a symbolic move demonstrating their gains in Congress.

But Democrats still hold a majority in the Senate and have pledged to reject the bill if it passes.

Republicans have also vowed to deny Mr Obama the funds to carry out the law.

Republicans won sweeping gains in November's mid-term congressional elections, partly by attacking the healthcare law.

Mr Obama has said he will veto the bill to overturn the law if it passes in both the House and Senate.

The healthcare reform law was approved in March last year, making it compulsory for Americans to buy medical insurance and illegal for insurance companies to deny coverage to customers with pre-existing conditions.