19 Jan 2011

Flood inquiry terms defended

2:50 pm on 19 January 2011

Queensland Premier Anna Bligh has defended the terms of an inquiry into the floods after criticism that they are not broad enough.

State Opposition Leader John-Paul Langbroek says the specific terms of refence for the commission of inquiry should be expanded to cover any other relevent issues.

Ms Bligh said that goes without saying.

"The terms of reference for the inquiry are the broadest possible terms of reference, going to every aspect of the management of this disaster," she said.

"I would just say to those in the Opposition, please don't play politics with a commission of inquiry.

"By all means there'll be time for oppositions to whinge and complain and raise questions, but right now this commission of inquiry has a very serious job to do."

She also dismissed talk of an election this year saying it's an year for rebuilding.

Meanwhile, Brisbane Lord Mayor Campbell Newman says a commission of inquiry will not stop the city from flooding again.

Mr Newman says flooding in Brisbane will never be a thing of the past.

He says the inquiry could find ways to protect people from floods through better early warning systems, more sophisticated flood modelling and improved community education.

But he said it will not prevent them from happening.

"Brisbane's built on a flood plain, it has flooded in the past, it will flood in the future, we can minimise the impacts, we can't stop them," he said.

Previous big floods in Brisbane occurred in January 1974 and 1893.