12 Jan 2011

US willing to stay in Afghanistan - Biden

10:04 am on 12 January 2011

US Vice-President Joe Biden says the United States is willing to maintain a military presence in Afghanistan, after the scheduled withdrawal of its forces in 2014.

After meeting President Hamid Karzai, Mr Biden said that the US would not abandon the war-torn nation.

He said his country will not leave Afghanistan in 2014 if the Afghan people do not want them to go.

The BBC reports the US officially wants to hand over security responsibility to Afghan forces by 2014.

However, Mr Biden knows that the transition of power is easier said than done.

He indicated that Washington is ready to offer continued training and aid.

On Tuesday the vice-president said that the army and police were making good progress.

Last month, Mr Biden said that American troops would be totally out of there in 2014 come hell or high water.