11 Jan 2011

Arrest warrants for Qaeda suspects issued by Saudi Arabia

8:09 am on 11 January 2011

Saudi Arabia has issued international arrest warrants for 47 Al-Qaeda suspects living abroad. A statement by the interior ministry said some of the wanted men were very dangerous.

They were believed to be hiding in Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan or Iraq and were said by the ministry to have tried to build cells inside the kingdom.

In November, 149 men were arrested on suspicion of suspected of running 19 cells to prepare attacks in the kingdom and send fighters to training camps in Yemen and Somalia.

The ministry said some of the latest suspects, had connections with those previously arrested.

Al Qaeda launched a campaign to destabilise Saudi Arabia in 2003 which was brought to a halt after a campaign of arrests.

The Saudi and Yemeni wings of Al Qaeda susequently merged in 2009.

Saudi Arabia and Yemen share a 1500km (mountain border.