6 Jan 2011

Birds found dead in Sweden

10:14 am on 6 January 2011

Dozens of dead birds have been found in a street in Sweden, days after thousands fell from the sky in the United States.

Police in the town of Falkoeping say between 50 - 100 jackdaws died. Jackdaws are a type of crow.

Ornithologist Anders Wirdheim said the find was unusual.

Jackdaws ... spend the winter in large flocks. If they are exposed to disturbances, they can become so stressed that they fly themselves to death, he said.

About 3000 red-winged blackbirds died in the town of Beebe in Arkansas, USA, on New Year's Eve.

Another 500 dead birds were found in Pointe Coupee Parish in Louisiana on Tuesday.

Samples have been sent to a lab in Missouri to determine the cause.

The Arkansas Game Fish Commission is awaiting test results to find the cause of the blackbird deaths, as well as the deaths of 80,000 - 100,000 fish in the Arkansas River about 160km away.

Preliminary testing showed the birds died of acute physical trauma.

The commission does not believe the incidents are related.