18 Dec 2010

Drone attacks now target Khyber district

5:36 pm on 18 December 2010

Nearly 60 people have been killed in a series of attacks by US drones in the past 24 hours in the Khyber tribal district of Pakistan.

At least 50 died in three unmanned air strikes in the Tirah Valley on Friday, a day after seven others were killed nearby.

There have been more than 100 attacks by pilotless US aircraft in 2010, most of them in the tribal region of North Waziristan.

The BBC reports drone attacks in Khyber are rare as it is not seen as a major sanctuary for Taliban and al-Qaeda fighters.

The strikes in Tirah targeted the villages of Speen Drang and Shandana.

Security officials said seven pro-Taliban fighters loyal to the Lashkar-e-Islam group were killed in one drone strike on Thursday.

Another attack followed on Friday in the Speen Drang area. At least 32 people were reportedly killed.