29 Nov 2010

Candidates call for Haiti's election to be scrapped

1:11 pm on 29 November 2010

Serious irregularities have been reported in Haiti's presidential and legislative elections in Haiti.

The elections come as the Carribean nation struggles to cope with the long term affects of an earthquake earlier this year that killed 230,000 people, and a cholera epidemic.

Twelve of the 18 candidates running in the presidential election have called for the vote to be cancelled, the BBC reports.

Front runner for the opposition Mirlande Manigat said the polls were fraudulent. She said ballot boxes had been stuffed with votes even before polls opened.

Some candidates, including Ms Manigat, had already voiced their concerns about the possibility of vote-rigging ahead of Sunday's poll.

Some 11,000 United Nations peacekeepers are helping provide security and logistical support during the generally peaceful campaign, which saw occasional outbreaks of violence.

Results are due to come in from 5 December onwards, with the final tally to be announced on 20 December.