18 Nov 2010

Twin sisters in Denver shooting

6:00 am on 18 November 2010

Two Australian women have been shot on a target range near the city of Denver in the United States.

The twin sisters, 29, from Victoria, are yet to be publicly named.

They are reported to have fallen to the ground almost simultaneously from gunshots to the head.

One of the sisters died at the scene. The other is in hospital.

Arapahoe County Sheriff Captain Louie Perea says their family has been notified, but investigators do not know which sister died.

They look very similar, Captain Perea said.

Circumstances not yet known

Investigators have not been able to talk to the surviving twin. They are not looking for any suspects and are trying to determine whether the shootings were accidental or intentional.

All scenarios are on the table, Captain Perea said. He added no suicide note was found.

The ABC reports the sisters took a taxi to the range and had been there for more than an hour when they were shot.

The had a small-calibre weapon at one of the lanes where shooters line up behind a wooden wall and shoot through an opening that resembles a window.

Captain Perea said there was no apparent indication of a dispute between the sisters or anybody entering or leaving the area.