13 Nov 2010

Eight Taliban claimed killed in thwarted attack

9:29 pm on 13 November 2010

Taliban militants have attacked an airport and a military base for foreign forces in eastern Afghanistan but officials say the strike was thwarted.

The government in Nangarhar province and Nato's International Security Assistance Force say a wave of fighters attacked a security post at Jalalabad airport, east of Kabul.

They say at least six insurgents died - two blew themselves up and four others were killed by security forces. The BBC is reporting that eight attackers were killed during the two-hour assault.

The Taliban says 14 suicide bombers were involved.

The BBC also reports that at least eight people were killed by a bomb on a motorbike in Kunduz province, according to local officials.

Another 18 people were wounded in the attack on a crowded market, which appeared to target a local militia leader.