8 Nov 2010

Destitute Kiwi problem grows across Tasman

6:32 pm on 8 November 2010

Welfare agencies in Australia are urging the Government to find a solution to a growing problem of New Zealanders finding themselves destitute across the Tasman.

Agencies say New Zealanders are not eligible for welfare benefits and some are resorting to begging.

Tony Keenan from Hanover Welfare Services in Melbourne says it is a growing national problem.

He says his organisation is having to deal with more and more New Zealanders who turn up seeking help with no means of support.

He says often the best solution is to pay to send them home.

Mr Keenan says if a New Zealand family has support back home, it's cheaper for Hanover Welfare Services, and a better outcome for the individuals involved, to fly them home than to keep supporting them.