23 Oct 2010

Miner back in hospital

6:07 am on 23 October 2010

One of the Chilean miners rescued after more than two months trapped underground, has been hospitalised and sedated after having an anxiety attack.

Edison Pena, 34, broke down when he was about to speak at a party honouring the miners on Tuesday.

He also broke down during a live television interview last Friday.

Dr Jorge Diaz says Pena showed signs of severe anxiety. He is the first miner to be re-hospitalised.

The 33 miners were trapped from 5 August - 14 October.

All of the men, except two, were released from the hospital 48 hours after they were brought to the surface and urged to relax for at least 15 days - advice that many reportedly ignored.

Dr Diaz also said that five and possibly six miners "had problems handling alcohol, especially during the latest celebrations".