15 Oct 2010

Wealthy Pakistanis urged to do more for reconstruction - Clinton

4:35 pm on 15 October 2010

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says wealthy Pakistanis must do more to help their country overcome the damage caused by severe floods.

Almost two million homes were damaged or destroyed by the floods and more than eight million people displaced.

Mrs Clinton says it is unacceptable for foreign taxpayers to be contributing to the international relief and reconstruction effort if the affluent in Pakistan don't do the same.

She said the Pakistani government has to expand its tax base so more could be collected to help reconstruction.

The EU and the United States have contributed some $US450 million each to the Pakistan flood aid effort and the EU has also offered a trade deal to lift certain duties.

Mrs Clinton went on: "The most important step Pakistan can take is to pass meaningful reforms to expand its tax base.

"The government must require that the economically affluent and elite support the government and people of Pakistan," she said.