2 Oct 2010

No pardon for rebels - Ecuador president

11:18 am on 2 October 2010

President Rafael Correa of Ecuador says there will be no pardon or forgiveness for those involved in a rebellion against him.

Mr Correa had to be rescued by the army from a hospital in the capital, Quito, after he was trapped there for several hours on Thursday by disaffected police officers.

He was being treated after inhaling tear gas fired by police protesting at austerity measures.

The president and his supporters said the revolt over a new law cutting benefits for public servants, amounted to an attempted coup. A state of emergency has been declared.

Mr Correa said there would be "a deep cleansing of the national police", and that he would "not forgive nor forget" what had happened.

The BBC reports South American heads of state held an emergency meeting in Argentina and called for those behind the revolt to be tried and punished.

A police spokesman said on Friday the national commander of the force has resigned.

The president said commander who had been shown such a lack of respect by his subordinates, cannot stay in charge.

Four people were killed and 193 wounded in the uprising.

Mr Correa, 47, was elected in 2006 and won a second term in 2009.