20 Sep 2010

Passengers launch compensation clain against Airbus

8:44 am on 20 September 2010

More than 70 passengers and crew who were on board a Qantas flight that plunged twice during a flight in 2008 have launched the largest aviation compensation claim in Australian history.

The Airbus A330 was flying from Singapore to Perth when it had to make an emergency landing because of a computer malfunction.

More than 100 people were injured in the incident.

Floyd Wisner of the American legal firm Wisner Law told the ABC he thinks the claimaints he's representing have a strong case.

"The claim is against the aircraft manufacturer Airbus and a manufacturer of a component called the air data inertial reference unit," he said.

"I think the Australian Transport Safety Board has concluded that there was a mechanical defect in this aircraft. It certainly was not the result of pilot error."