22 Feb 2009

"Oscar list" described as fake

5:59 am on 22 February 2009

Oscar organisers have dismissed a list claiming to reveal all those poised for Academy Awards as a "complete fraud".

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences says the list is a forgery and the auditors are still counting votes.

The BBC reports the document on the internet, names Kate Winslet as best actress for her role in The Reader.

The list, which features an authentic-looking letterhead, also claims British film Slumdog Millionaire will receive the awards for best picture and best director.

The document also names Mickey Rourke as best actor for his role in The Wrestler and the late Heath Ledger as best supporting actor for The Dark Knight.

Best supporting actress is named as Amy Adams for Doubt. It also claims In Bruges will get the award for best original screenplay.