27 Aug 2010

UN reviewing security for aid workers in Pakistan

6:29 pm on 27 August 2010

The United Nations is reviewing security measures for its aid workers in Pakistan, after a warning of new threats from the Taliban.

A United States official is warning that militants plan to attack foreigners delivering aid to the millions of people affected by devastating floods in the country, the BBC reports.

One Taliban spokesperson has said that the presence of foreign aid workers is unacceptable.

However, there have been no attacks since the humanitarian crisis unfolded.

The UN says more than 17 million people have been affected by the floods and five million people have been made homeless.

River bursts banks

Authorities have warned that another area in the southern province of Sindh is in imminent danger of flooding, after the swollen river Indus burst through an embankment.

Officials have urged all those still in the threatened area to leave.

Fleeing villagers have been heading north, jamming their possessions into vans and carts, or leading their livestock on foot.

Further north, a fresh warning has been issued to those remaining in Shahdadkot about an imminent surge of floodwaters.

The UN says the threat of new flooding is making the aid operation more difficult.