17 Jun 2010

Murdered woman's father urges maximum jail term

6:10 pm on 17 June 2010

The father of Caroline Coffey has told a New York court that a maximum prison sentence was the only acceptable outcome for the New Zealand man who killed his daughter.

Blazej Kot and Caroline Coffey were newlyweds and graduate students at Cornell University when Kot slashed her throat and dumped her body in woods in June last year.

He was sentenced to a minimum 25 years in jail by Judge John Rowley.

Ms Coffey's father, Michael Coffey, brought his daughter's ashes into court and told Kot he wanted to show him what was left of his beautiful wife.

Mr Coffey then told the judge it was essential he imposed the maximum sentence available to show the power of the United States legal system.

Kot sat largely motionless throughout proceedings. He told the judge he still loved and missed Ms Coffey, and he wished his life was over.