24 Apr 2010

Chilean church leaders address abuse scandal

8:17 pm on 24 April 2010

Chile has become the latest country to deal with an explosive sex abuse scandal involving Roman Catholic clergy.

It comes after the Pope accepted the resignation of a Belgian bishop after he admitted that he sexually abused a boy earlier in his career.

The BBC reports the head of the Catholic church in Chile Alejandro Goic and the Archbishop of Santiago Cardinal Francisco Errazuriz met for more than an hour with Chilean President Sebastian Pinera.

After the meeting, Cardinal Errazuriz said he would send a letter out to every parish in the country this weekend in response to the scandal.

Monsignor Goic said on Tuesday there had been 20 confirmed or alleged cases by Chilean priests.

In one case, four men accused a senior priest in Santiago, now aged 80, of sexually abusing them for years.