23 Apr 2010

Syria warned not to supply missiles to Hizbollah

6:05 am on 23 April 2010

The United States has again warned Syria against supplying scud missiles to Hizbollah in Lebanon, saying such a move would be an incendiary provocation.

Israel recently accused Syria of providing Hizbollah with the ballistic missiles.

Earlier, Prime Minister Saad Hariri of Lebanon dismissed the accusation, saying it seemed an attempt to find a pretext for a military strike.

Hizbollah fought a 34-day conflict with Israel in 2006 during which more than 1,200 Lebanese people, mostly civilians, were killed. Some 160 Israelis, most of whom were soldiers, also died.

US Assistant Secretary of State Jeffrey Feltman told the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Wednesday that delivery of the missiles would be an "incendiary, provocative action" if it turned out to be true.

The BBC reports the Syrian government has said the accusations are "fabrications".