7 Feb 2010

Northern Ireland paramilitary group dumps weapons

10:06 am on 7 February 2010

A republican paramilitary group in Northern Ireland has decommissioned its weapons four months after it said it would renounce violence.

The Irish National Liberation Army (INLA) was responsible for scores of deaths during three decades of violence.

In October, it said it would pursue its aims by exclusively peaceful means.

The INLA was a small, ruthless group which killed more than 120 people.

It came to world prominence in 1979 with the murder of Conservative Northern Ireland spokesman Airey Neave by leaving a bomb under his car in the House of Commons car park.

It was behind one of Northern Ireland's worst atrocities, killing 17 people in a bomb attack in Ballykelly, County Londonderry, in 1982.

The INLA was expected to confirmed the move Monday, in conjunction with the body overseeing Northern Ireland paramilitary weapons, whose mandate expires on 9 February.