23 Jan 2010

Guantanamo group 'should be held without trial'

10:10 am on 23 January 2010

A task force led by the US Justice Department says 47 detainees at Guantanamo Bay should be held indefinitely without trial.

The task force recommended 35 prisoners at the US military jail in Cuba be prosecuted through trials or military commissions and 110 could be released either now or at a later date.

It said the 47 detainees it recommends holding indefinitely are considered too dangerous to release, but cannot be tried because the evidence against them is too flimsy or was extracted from them by coercion, so would not hold up in court.

The findings are subject to review by the National Security Council, and a White House official stressed that US President Barack Obama does not have to accept the task force's recommendations.

The deadline Mr Obama had set himself for closing the prison camp passed on Friday.

Meanwhile, two more prisoners have been moved out of Guantanamo. Two Algerian men have been transferred to the control of the Algerian government.

More than 40 detainees have been transferred out of the prison under the Obama administration.