23 Dec 2008

Qantas reduces fuel surcharges again

8:19 am on 23 December 2008

Qantas Airways has reduced its international and domestic fuel surcharges for the third time in recent months because of falling oil prices.

The new surcharges apply to tickets purchased on, or after, Tuesday, 23 December.

Crude oil prices peaked at $US147.27 per barrel on 11 July and have since fallen to $US38 per barrel.

Qantas said on Monday that the group's fuel bill this financial year would still be $A400 million higher than in 2007/08.

The fuel surcharge for a one-way ticket to New Zealand was cut by $A10 to $A55.

The fuel surcharge from Australia to the United Kingdom and Europe has been cut by $A30 to $A160 and by $A20 to $A130 for one-way flights to the Americas, South Africa and India.

Qantas' budget carrier Jetstar said on Monday that it would cut its fuel surcharge by $A10 to $A9 for domestic flights, and by $A30 to $A68 for one-way flights to Asia and Honolulu.

The surcharge has been cut by $A20 to $A25 for flights to New Zealand and by $A20 to $A35 for shorter-haul Asian destinations such as Bali.

These cuts also take effect from Tuesday, 23 December.