22 Dec 2008

Headless bodies found in Mexico

7:21 pm on 22 December 2008

Police in Mexico have found nine decapitated bodies near the tourist resort of Acapulco - and at least some of them have been identified as soldiers.

The bodies were found on Sunday on a highway not far from an army base. They bore the marks of torture.

Their heads were left outside a shopping centre, in a plastic bag.

Local media report that nine soldiers were abducted on Saturday as they left a regional military base near the city of Chilpancingo, about an hour north of Acapulco.

State police said a note left with the severed heads warned that more decapitations would follow.

More than 5,300 have died so far this year in drug-rlated violence. According to the attorney-general's office, this is at least twice as many as in 2007.