3 Oct 2008

Fossett plane found

12:43 pm on 3 October 2008

Wreckage of a light plane found in a remote area of California has been confirmed as belonging to adventurer Steve Fossett.

The multi-millionaire disappeared while piloting the aircraft a year ago.

A fresh search for Mr Fossett began after items apparently belonging to him - including ID, some cash and a sweatshirt - were handed in to police by a hiker.

They were found in an area between Yosemite National Park and the Nevada border.

Madiera County Sheriff John Anderson said the shattered remains of Mr Fossett's single-engine Bellanca had been spotted during an aerial search of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

A team later reached the plane on foot and confirmed it was Mr Fossett's aircraft.

Mr Fossett, 63, vanished in his airplane after taking off from a private airstrip in Nevada in September 2007.

Despite weeks of extensive searches, no wreckage was found and he was declared legally dead in February this year.

Human remains have been found in the wreckage, but no further details have been given.