5 Jul 2015

Sea Shepherd says poaching crew charged

7:35 am on 5 July 2015

The environmental activist group, Sea Shepherd, says crew from a ship caught poaching toothfish in Antarctic waters have now been charged.

Sea Shepherd captain Peter Hammarstedt holding an Interpol notice for the 'Thunder'.

Peter Hammarstedt said the Thunder's captain and crew have now been charged. Photo: Sea Shepherd

The Nigerian-flagged vessel, Thunder, sank in April after being chased by Sea Shepherd's Bob Barker ship for more than three months.

The Thunder was one of six vessels found illegally fishing for toothfish.

The Bob Barker's captain, Peter Hammarstedt, said the Thunder's captain and two other crew were detained in Sao Tome, and have been charged with pollution, reckless driving and forgery.

He said he would like them to be charged for the poaching, but that wass outside Sao Tome's jurisdiction.

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