10 May 2015

Fire at nuclear plant in New York State

1:28 pm on 10 May 2015

Part of a nuclear plant in the United States has been shut down after what the operating company says is a transformer failure and fire.

A photo of smoke rising from the Indian Point nuclear plant in New York State, posted on Twitter.

A photo appears to show smoke rising from the Indian Point nuclear plant in New York State. Photo: Twitter / @GustavusHimself

The company, Entergy Corp, has said on a Twitter message that the Indian Point plant in New York State was stable and there was no danger to the public or employees.

Several people tweeted from nearby that they saw a big explosion.

The company later announced a fire in the transformer of the plant's number three unit had been put out and there was no damage to the nuclear reactor.

It said the rest of the plant was continuing to operate.

The police said several emergency calls reported a loud noise at the plant, which is located about 65 kilometres north of New York City.

There have also been reports that, at one point, smoke could be seen rising from the plant.

The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission said the fire was quickly put out and the plant responded as designed .

The plant, whose origin dates back to the 1960s, has long been controversial because of its proximity to New York.


An aerial view of the Indian Point Nuclear power plant on the Hudson River in Buchanan, New York (file photo - 2001).

An aerial photo shows the layout of the plant on Hudson River in New York State (file photo - 2001). Photo: THIERRY GRUN / ONLY WORLD / ONLY FRANCE