30 Nov 2014

Federal Govt blamed for Victoria election loss

4:38 pm on 30 November 2014

Former Liberal premier Jeff Kennett is blaming Australia's Federal Government for the conservative coalition losing the Victorian state election last night.

Jeff Kennett

Jeff Kennett Photo: AAP / Julian Smith

The Napthine Government's loss made it the first one-term government in the state in 60 years.

Labor is on track to win at least 47 seats in the election, enough to have a majority in the 88-seat Parliament, reports the ABC.

The Coalition has secured at least 37 seats and the Green Party has won its first seat in the lower house.

Mr Kennett said the Australian Government's decision to introduce a fuel excise three weeks before the election, soon after an unpopular budget, made it very difficult for its state counterpart to retain power.

"We hear the call for Australians to come onboard Team Australia but as far as the Federal Government has been concerned there has been no Team Liberal," he said.

"There is no doubt their performance on a number of issues, particularly the handling of their budget has caused great concern throughout the electorate."

Federal Greens Senator Adam Bandt said the outcome sent a clear message to the Prime Minister.

"Tony Abbott needs to understand that his policies and his refusal to fund public transport to fix congestion is costing the Liberals votes," he said.

In a statement, Mr Abbott congratulated Premier-elect Daniel Andrews on the election victory, saying while a significant proportion of the vote is yet to be counted "it is clear that Victorians have voted for a change of government."