10 May 2014

Election campaign ending in India

10:11 pm on 10 May 2014

Main opposition candidate Narendra Modi appears to be headed to victory as India's mammoth five-week-long election campaign draws to a close.

His pitch to voters has been a promise to stamp out corruption and fix the country's economy but minority groups, especially Muslims, are worried that Mr Modi's vision for India does not include much of a role for them.

Mr Modi was the chief minister of Gujarat state in 2002 when deadly riots killed more than 1000, most of them Muslims.

He has never faced charges over the riots but many accuse of him of allowing Hindu fanatics to attack Muslims.

Rahul Gandhi, leader of the ruling Congress party, is due to address voters in the holy Hindu city of Varanasi, the constituency contested by Mr Modi and one of the areas in electorally pivotal Uttar Pradesh, reports AFP.

Formal results of the largest elections ever staged - with 814 million eligible voters - come next Friday.

Rahui Gandhi campaigning.

Rahui Gandhi campaigning. Photo: AFP