24 Aug 2013

Soldier found guilty of Fort Hood killings

9:32 am on 24 August 2013

A former United States army psychiatrist who had admitted shooting dead 13 people at a US army base has been found guilty on all charges of premeditated murder.

Major Nidal Hasan could now face the death penalty for the 2009 shootings at the Fort Hood base in Texas.

Hasan refused army lawyers and defended himself at the military trial.

He called no witnesses, did not testify and made no closing statements, the BBC reports.

The 13-member jury will begin considering Hasan's punishment on Monday.

The panel must reach a unanimous agreement if they are to recommend the judge sentence Hasan to death.

If that does not happen, he will face life in prison.

Some 13 people were killed and 32 others injured when Hasan, an American-born Muslim, opened fire on the crowded base as fellow troops were preparing to deploy to Afghanistan.