30 Jul 2013

Organised crime costs Australia $A15b a year

12:02 pm on 30 July 2013

A new report says organised crime in Australia is costing $A15 billion per year and is more pervasive, powerful and complex than ever.

The report by the Australian Crime Commission was launched by federal home affairs minister Jason Clare at a conference in Brisbane on Tuesday.

It suggests organised crime is now an unprecedented part of everyday life, fuelled in part by criminals embracing the digital age.

Laws, restricted by state and federal borders, are not keeping up with organised crime's global spread and sophisticated criminals know it, the report warns.

It says the internet has cut out the traditional "middle man". AAP reports this has seen a rise in illegal transactions, like drug deals, now taking place in cyberspace.

It also opens the door for more advanced and widespread fraud.

Mr Clare said organised crime worldwide made more than $A870 billion a year - more than the GDP of Indonesia.

"If organised crime was a country it would be in the G20," he said.