3 Jun 2013

Funding for studies of Qld koala disease

9:14 am on 3 June 2013

The state government in Queensland is to invest more than $A3 million to support research into curbing koala diseases.

The funding was announced by environment minister Andrew Powell on Sunday.

"The research will provide tangible outcomes to better inform koala management in the field," he said.

AAP reports the funding is going to eight university research projects, which include how koalas adapt to heat and transmit pathogens.

It includes including more than $A800,000 to determine the number of koalas with the chlamydia, a sexually transmitted disease, and to develop a new therapy for this.

One of the most common reasons koalas receive veterinary treatment is for chlamydia.

University of Queensland will receive $A655,000 to study the disease in male koalas and the Queensland University of Technology $A182,000 to develop a specific therapy.

UQ will also receive $A527,000 to examine koalas' behavioural and physiological adaptation to heat.