6 Apr 2013

Foreign embassies advised to evacuate staff in Nth Korea

1:56 pm on 6 April 2013

North Korea has told foreign embassies in Pyongyang to consider evacuating their employees as it cannot guarantee their safety in the event of conflict.

The BBC reports that both Russia and Britain said they had no immediate plans to evacuate their embassies.

North Korea is threatening to attack US and South Korean targets.

South Korea has reportedly deployed two warships with missile-defence systems after the North was said to moved a missile to the east coast on Thursday.

Military officials told South Korean media the warships would be deployed on the east and west coasts.

British diplomats said on Friday the North had asked them to respond by 10 April on what support the embassy would need in the event of any evacuation.

One of the US targets named by Pyongyang was the Pacific island of Guam, which hosts a US military base.

On Thursday, the United States confirmed it would deploy a missile-defence system to Guam in response to the threats.

North Korea shelled a South Korean island and killed four people in 2010. A South Korean corvette was also previously sunk.

In recent weeks, the North has threatened nuclear strikes and attacks on the US and South Korea. It has also announced a formal declaration of war on the South and pledged to reopen a mothballed nuclear reactor.