11 Feb 2013

Black Saturday bushfires anniversary marked

6:30 pm on 11 February 2013

The fourth anniversary of the Black Saturday bushfires that claimed 173 lives has been marked in Melbourne.

AAP reports a lone chimney from a house in Kinglake was the backdrop on Sunday to a service at Melbourne Museum.

Victorian premier Ted Baillieu said the chimney was a permanent reminder for future generations of the fire.

He said it was fitting that the event was held at the museum - a place where people remember the past and seek to understand things.

He said the event was about remembering an "appalling tragedy" and never forgetting those whose lives were claimed by it.

"There is not a single Victorian who wasn't touched by this disaster but also inspired by the resilience of the communities involved as they continue to rebuild and recover," Mr Baillieu said.

The actual anniversary fell last Thursday.