17 Jan 2013

Lesbians chased from home by villagers

6:16 am on 17 January 2013

Two women who married in Indonesia by disguising themselves as a heterosexual couple have been chased away from their village after neighbours discovered they were lesbians.

AAP reports neighbours raided their home on Batam island after growing suspicious that Musdalifa was a woman because he never socialised with other men in the village and the couple always kept to themselves.

They discovered that Musdalifa was really a woman named Angga Soetjipto, 23, who married Ninies Ramiluningtyas, 41, earlier this month.

"We told Musdalifa to leave. They both fled and we haven't seen them since," a villager told AFP on Wednesday.

Homosexuality is legal in Indonesia, though gay marriage is outlawed.