24 Dec 2012

Queensland milk supply affected by strike

12:13 pm on 24 December 2012

Milk supply in Queensland is affected by a blockade of almost 100 union members who are stopping milk trucks entering a dairy factory south of Brisbane.

AAP reports Union members from the Dairy Farmers factory in Logan are on strike for 24 hours on Monday in a bid for better pay and conditions from parent company Lion Group.

The National Union of Workers said its members want a pay rise of 4%, to bring their pay in line with other states.

"Queensland workers get paid significantly less than their counterparts in other states for effectively the same job - it's the same milk," spokesman Duncan Pegg told ABC Radio.

"They've only have three public holidays a year, so they're after more public holidays. The third thing is looking at improved job security as well."

AAP reports police were called to the scene on Monday morning after the main entrance to the factory was blocked.