31 Oct 2012

New Scotland Yard to be sold

7:37 am on 31 October 2012

Police in London are looking to sell their headquarters at Scotland Yard as part of a series of budget cuts.

Deputy Commissioner Craig Mackey said the Metropolitan Police hoped to save around £6.5 million per year by moving to a smaller base.

The Met moved into the New Scotland Yard offices in 1967. It bought the building in central London for £124.5 million in 2008 but it costs £11 million per year to run.

Police budgets across the country are being cut and the Met has been asked by London Mayor Boris Johnson to make £500 million of savings by 2015.

AAP reports the force wants to move to a smaller headquarters in central London, still near Whitehall. It is expected that the move would take around two years.

Last week, the government sold Admiralty Arch, a gateway between The Mall and Trafalgar Square in London, for £60 million to Spanish investor