4 Oct 2012

Australian - Greek comparison reckless: federal govt

1:10 pm on 4 October 2012

The Australian government says comments by Former Future Fund head David Murray that Australia could suffer the same economic troubles as Greece, are irresponsible.

Assistant Treasurer David Bradbury described the suggestion that Australia risks a Greek-style economic downturn, as "reckless and irresponsible".

AAP reports Mr Murray said Australia's dependence on the rest of the world for trade and capital financing makes it "easily possible" to follow the path of debt-laden Greece.

Mr Bradbury said that while it was important to balance the national budget, the comparison between Greece and Australia was "frankly reckless and irresponsible".

''(It's) like telling Black Caviar if she didn't watch out, next year she'd be giving kids pony rides at the St Marys Spring Festival,'' he told Sky News on Thursday.

''This is the sort of thing that you hear if you listen to Alan Jones on 2GB.''