10 Aug 2012

NSW police in trouble over incident in custody

7:36 am on 10 August 2012

Three police officers in New South Wales are under investigation over an attack on an Aboriginal man last year. They are suspected of covering up the incident at a police station on the north coast.

The NSW Police Integrity Commission has launched an investigation into the alleged cover-up of an attack on a young Aboriginal man at a north coast.

For more than a year, police had claimed Corey Barker, 23, punched them at Ballina station. But the charge was withdrawn after security footage was repaired.

The ABC reports the video showed a group of police throwing Barker head first into a table, before punching and kicking him.

He was left in a cell with significant injuries.

A magistrate in Ballina Local Court on Thursday accused three of the officers of telling blatant and deliberate lies.

The magistrate said the NSW Police Integrity Commission would investigate assault, conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, perjury and tampering with evidence.