9 Aug 2012

Fresh bombardment of Aleppo

9:26 pm on 9 August 2012

Activists say the Syrian city of Aleppo has come under fresh bombardment, as the government attempts to take back districts seized by rebel fighters.

The rebels insist they still have control of Salahaddine in the city, despite heavy bombardment.

Both sides want to control the district, considered a vital supply route.

Several areas of the city were reported to have come under attack, including strafing from helicopter gunships.

The fighting comes as Iran prepares to host an international meeting on the Syrian crisis.

Iran is Syria's only regional ally and it is unclear which countries will be attending the summit in Tehran.

Meanwhile, on Syrian state television, a regime spokesperson claimed the fight for Aleppo is entering its final stages, with the defeat of what he said are armed terror groups.