24 Jul 2012

Bombings and shootings in Iraq

6:04 am on 24 July 2012

A string of bomb attacks and shootings in Baghdad and north of the Iraqi capital have killed at least 100 people.

At least 200 more were wounded on one of the bloodiest days of the year.

Many of those killed were security forces - who appear to have been a prime target.

The BBC says correspondents are reporting one of the worst-hit places was Taji, a Sunni neighbourhood north of Baghdad, where at least 24 people were killed.

Deadly car bombings hit Baghdad, and a government building in the Shia district of Sadr city was attacked.

At least seven car bombs hit the northern oil city of Kirkuk.

Dhuluiya, Saadiya, Khan Beni-Saad, Tuz Khurmatu and Dibis are also said to have suffered attacks.