19 Jul 2012

Taliban destroys 22 NATO supply trucks

4:48 pm on 19 July 2012

A bomb planted by the Taliban has destroyed 22 trucks carrying supplies to NATO forces in northern Afghanistan.

Eighteen fuel trucks and four supply vehicles were hit at 2am on Wednesday by an explosion that triggered a huge fire that engulfed them.

The trucks were parked overnight in Aibak, the capital of Samangan province, on the route from Uzbekistan to NATO forces in the south.

The trucks were parked close together and an intelligence official told the BBC the device was attached beneath one of them.

In a statement, the Taliban says it carried out the attack.

NATO was forced to make greater use of northern supply routes after Pakistan banned its convoys in November last year.

Pakistan lifted the blockade on NATO supplies earlier this month, but only a few trucks have actually crossed the border.