14 Jul 2012

Former PM Jibril sweeps Tripoli election districts

8:21 am on 14 July 2012

Partial results from the Libyan election show interim Prime Minister Mahmoud Jibril's National Forces Alliance is on course for landslide election victories across the capital Tripoli.

The tallies add to Alliance victories elsewhere in Libya and mean it is well ahead of Islamist rivals in the first free vote since last year's uprising ended Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's 42-year rule.

In central Tripoli, the Alliance of about 60 moderate parties won 46,000 votes against just 4,000 for the political wing of Libya's Muslim Brotherhood.

However this does not automatically translate into a majority of the new 200-person assembly for the Alliance, as the bulk of its seats have been allotted to independent candidates whose allegiances are hard to pin down.

Full official results are not due until next week at the earliest.

Mr Jibril has already called for parties of all hues to come together for talks on forming a national unity coalition with a priority of rebuilding Libya.