10 Jul 2012

Firearm incident on live TV show

2:00 pm on 10 July 2012

Prosecutors in Jordan are investigating a member of parliament who pulled a gun on a rival in a live television talk show.

The BBC reports Mohammed Shawabka pointed a revolver at Seif-Eddine Murad after he was insulted during a debate on Syria.

The brawl on Thursday evening on the Josat satellite stationwas eventually broken up by chatshow host Mohammed Habashna. No shots were fired.

Mr Murad has accused his opponent of attempted murder.

The fight began when Mr Shawabka called Mr Murad an "Assad spy".

Mr Shawabka then hurled a shoe at Mr Murad and brandished a pistol at him.

''He was going to shoot me and he should be punished for that,'' Mr Murad said after filing the complaint on Monday.