2 Jul 2012

UK citizenship test to be changed

9:59 am on 2 July 2012

Britain is planning changes to a test taken by foreign nationals who wish to become British citizens.

The revised version will focus less on the practicalities of living in Britain and require greater knowledge of British history and achievements.

Potential immigrants will be expected to learn about figures such as Byron, Elgar, Shakespeare and the Duke of Wellington, the general who defeated Napoleon.

The BBC reports mmigrants will also have to learn the first verse of the national anthem.

A revised handbook is due to be issued later this year. It will include sections about key battles, such as Trafalgar, and British inventions and discoveries.

The current Life in the United Kingdom test was introduced by Labour in 2005.

Home Secretary Theresa May is understood to have scrapped sections of the test which dealt with claiming benefits and the Human Rights Act.

A Home Office spokesperson told the BBC: Putting our culture and history at the heart of the citizenship test will help ensure those permanently settling can understand British life allowing them to properly integrate into our society.